Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 4, 2011

Well we did celebrate the day, actually. It was a p-day so we had a huge BBQ on the beach and set off boat flairs for fireworks. We had 3 zones all together, it was pretty much amazing! and it was so fun, I ran and played flag football (with ugly ties as flags) and my ankle held up, but hurts so bad now, so I’m going to take it easy for a little bit. So that was an awesome day for America! oh and Chile is playing Mexico in the American cup today, Argentina tied with Bolivia, they are supposed to win it all, and Brazil tied as well so Chile has a really really good chance of getting a good seed in the pulls. So yah that’s what’s going on here today and contacts are IMPOSSIBLE during the American cup because everyone is glued to the TV watching soccer.

So BetsabĂ© is our awesome investigator, we told her to pray to God and really think hard and act like you are asking your very close friend if this church is true, and she got an answer. Her biggest doubt was that she didn’t want to change religions, because she has a religion, but now she knows she needs to because it’s correct. It was awesome!!! She has a fecha for next Saturday; she needs to go to church one more time. Thank you church for putting "pray to God and he WILL answer you" as one of your biggest selling points.

We have a zone compasitation tomorrow so we will be meeting the new President for the first time tomorrow, so kind of scary and kind of cool at the same time right? Yah I think so at least I’ll finally be able to tell you all what he is like.

Other than that there really hasn’t been anything new. We did a lot of contacting in the rain which really stinks, man how did you do that Andrew?

I’m still trying to obtain a DVD of all the Mormon messages because they help soooo much with investigators, no joke.

Oh we had 2 other cool investigators, if you remember Bryan and Jaime, they have not been in Lota for 2 weeks, but they went to church in the 2 cities they were in, so that was super awesome!!! Hopefully they come home soon because they are great.

I hear your 4th of July is not going to be as cool, I’m so sorry, it will still be better than mine, even though mine was pretty amazing. we sang the national anthem with all the gringos that were there, the Chileans tried to sing the "Vamos Chile" song but we just destroyed them and made them feel bad because we circled them and there were like 5 Chileans and like 30 gringos, it was so awesome. I just felt like I was in the 7th inning stretch. Speaking of which how are the braves doing? How is Chipper?

Quick question, did any of you play contacting games? Or what is a fun way to make contacts more fun. I’m bored of them, and I want them to be a little more fun when we are pushing for the numbers. But yah do you have any suggestions or like any fun things you did or games or anything you heard others do?

Trevor how was the high adventure and what did you do?? I’m very curious because I heard you were doing a last minute change, so whatever could you have done? And Trevor, what’s this about 100 people following you on Twitter? You be crazy my friend.

I don’t know what else to say, ha-ha.  I hope your week is good and I can’t wait until next week already, ha-ha I love writing home, I don’t think I will ever change that. I hear other missionaries say that they get bored and leave after like 30minutes and I don’t think that will ever happen to me, I love getting the emails from mom too much.

OK so at moms request, the details about my clothing: whelp they are doing ok, things are not as white as when they were first purchased but hey that is supposed to happen. I wear those spare pairs of pants all the time because we don’t need to wear suits to work. Only one of the pairs has a hole in it because I was bit again by a dog so that put a hole in the back of my pants, and that wasn’t really fun and it hurt, obviously. I was bleeding, man not fun. Crazy dogs in Chile. But yah, the jackets are amazing, the rain one works amazingly because it actually deflects the rain and the other black one is so warm. I am regretting now not bringing a sweater because everyone has one. But I’m ok, I love winter, I don’t want to go back to the summer here, sweating stinks literally and figuratively. so that is a problem but hey, that’s why I entered in the summer so I only have to go through it one more time, and I have this winter and the next one, wow, I’m down to just one more things, weird........ but yah, that is pretty much everything, if you want to know more, ask more questions, but I feel like I have been pretty good judging by the fact that I haven’t gotten any questions besides how is your new president in a while, ha-ha

Know I love you all very much!!!
Elder Kyle Allen

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