Monday, April 25, 2011

April 18, 2011

Next Tuesday is transfers so I think that I am leaving Lebu, but I won’t know until this Saturday so I have no idea yet. A lot of things could happen as you all very well know, I could leave, I could stay, Gibbs could leave or stay, we could both leave or stay, and Lebu 2 could be closed completely.  So yah a lot of mystery this week.

Well, we visited Stephanie a lot a lot this week. She said every day we visited that she would go to church on Sunday, and followed all of the challenges that we left her. Like always, because she is amazing. But on Sunday morning we got a call from her, and she said that Simus (her son) was sick again and that she was taking him to the hospital. So we didn’t have her in church, and she still only has 2 assists so we can’t baptize her because she needs 3. So this combio me and Gibbs got beat, again. We can’t baptize her and count it for this combio so yah, we will be leaving a golden investigator for whoever is here next. We are very sad about this, but we aren’t going to rush to baptize her next Monday because that’s not in her best interests.  Anyway, so the baptism is off, but she will be baptized, no doubt about it, and she will be an amazing branch member. I’m excited for her to do that, eventually.

So last week was a lot of talking to Stephanie and we visited Jessica´s mom Digna and talked to her a lot. She is progressing because she is opening up to us and asking questions and goes to church every week with her daughter, but she won’t be a convert anytime soon because she is old and is a little hard headed. She doesn’t want to change anything. But yah, we´ve watched the Joseph Smith movie with her and I think she felt something, but I’m not sure.

But yah it was a really uneventful week full of nothing really exciting.
Today we went to the beach because the weather is going to start getting really bad. Fall is starting so the rain season is beginning, and I’m not going to lie, rain as a missionary is miserable. It soaks you to the core and no one is outside, and no one wants to go to church. Ugh, its brutal. But, everyone is envious of my amazing rain jackets, they all have ones made here in Chile and they aren’t repellent like mine, mine beads up and runs off, and their's kind of soak in. plus they look really dumb, it’s funny, like big blue gnomes.

But yes, we had a zone activity today and played football on the beach. Lebu vs. Cañete pretty much. It was fun, my ankle started acting up but I wanted to play so I played through it, probably not the best, I have a feeling tonight I will be paying for that choice. But we won, it was awesome. It was also way funny watching Latinos try to understand football American that is. We pretty much used them to run the kick returns and the running plays because they are very agile little people. But can’t catch or throw worth beans. Way funny.

Me and Gibbs also found these sand dunes in our sector that are tall and that we like to run and jump off. It’s so awesome, you get very high and then fall way fast and have to roll to not get hurt. Hahaha. Well Gibbs does it more than I do because I’m very protective of my ankle.

But yah, so we are going to have a calm week, and have some fun, the internet has been weird here so I’ll try to upload pictures if I can but if I don’t sorry. Chile is weird like that I guess.

Well I love you all, stay safe, let the newly called missionaries know that’s awesome from me, and seriously seriously SERIOUSLY enjoy the states. You very possibly could have a car, you will most likely always be in a ward not a branch, you will always have meals from members and if not, you have restaurants all around you can go to. And you get to speak English, yah learning a new language is nice and exciting, but I feel worthless as a comp at 6 months because I still struggle with it. Like Erik told me, sometimes, you just wish you could say what you really want to and you can’t. Anyway, congrats to them. But, they don’t get to say "ya po!" so ha! Stinks for them.

well I love you all, have a great week, stay safe, stay sweet, stay classy

love you all
Elder Kyle Allen

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