Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 11, 2011

Elder Lundgreen and Elder Allen
 Well today we had a zone activity and went to a place that in English would be named eagle rock, I think. I don’t remember the name in Spanish either but I know I took a picture of the place so look there for where I went. The cool thing about it is that from the top you can see the mountains that separate Chile and Argentina on one side, and the ocean of Chile on the other. If it was a better day it would have been perfect for pictures, but we did the best with not being able to plan and see the weekly forecast and all.  But yah, that was so much fun, minus the whole putting 14 missionaries in a minivan and driving up a dirt and gravel road for about 2-3 hours. Ha-ha we stopped a few times because some people had to throw up, the funny thing, is that all the people that threw up were Latinos, weak huh?  But the view was amazing! I wish I had my SLR because point and shoot cameras just don’t do it justice, at all. It was an amazing view. We had lunch up there and had some fun.

Mountains between Argentina and Chile

So this week we got a call out of the blue from Patrick, who we haven’t heard from in weeks. He said he was in the hospital and wanted to see us. We went over and found out he has blockage in his colon and intestines and is in the hospital for 2 weeks. Poor kid, he is 16 years old. Anyway, we visited him of course and gave him a blessing, we will visit him again this week, but it was a nice shock to see him calling us.

We had interviews with President this week in Lebu and that was awesome. He is so amazing and really knows what he is saying. I don’t want him or sister Swenson to leave. Because Sister Swenson is one of the sweetest people I know, and has really helped me lately. But yah it was a fun interviews. The assistants had this contacting bingo game we played and it was so much fun. There were types of contacts we had to do written down and types of people we needed to contact, but they were things like, that have 5 kids, and stuff like that so we had to find out. Anyway, it was a really fun way to contact and we actually contacted a huge amount. Our whole zone did it, so Lebu1 (where everyone contacted) has so many references its ridiculous and we didn’t get any, sad day.

We also had to move our baptism of Stephanie back because she didn’t go to church Sunday. Her grandmother is a member of the church and she is not a good influence on her. She is inactive and wants Stephanie to investigate the church for 6months like she did before she got baptized. So dumb because Stephanie knows everything and believes it’s true. We want to see her baptized so bad because she is so amazing and we have worked with her so much these past two cambios. I really don’t want to leave with her not baptized, that would kill me.

So we are planning on going over to Stephanie’s house every day this week, make sure nothing happens to her or any other doubts are put into her mind by her grandmother, so we can baptize her on the 23rd, which is the last Saturday of this cambio. That’s our plan for this week, sounds awesome huh?  
We are also working with a mother of a member named Digna and she is one that doesn’t really want to change but goes to church every week with her daughter and is nice. We talk to her a lot and hope that one day it will just snap in her head. We are just building up the love for missionaries right now so they can help her in the future. But she does listen to us and ask questions so she isn’t like a dead investigator, just way way way slow and all.

Andrew, you are awesome and I love you, same with Trevor and mom dad and Tillie

Tell the ward I love them and miss being in a ward so much, ha-ha. Tell Nip I love him, and Mork and all those other guys. I miss the home ward so much, not going to lie; singing A capella in Spanish is not fun, because no one can play the piano here, ha-ha.

But yah, sorry I don’t know what else to say, hope you enjoy the pics, that was fun and all.

I love you all and miss you so much
Elder Kyle Allen

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